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Faster to market: Co-funding for private enterprises

The Market Development Fund can help you reach the market faster. You can apply for co-funding to test and adapt your innovative solution.

Testing and adaptation: The final stage before market introduction

You can apply for funding from the Market Development Fund to test whether your prototype or concept works in a realistic environment or a prospective customer’s site and to adapt the prototype/concept to strengthen the solution’s commercial potential.

The Fund provides co-funding for private enterprises that have developed a prototype for an innovative product with a significant commercial potential. However, at this stage there is still a way to go before reaching a successful market introduction. To get there it is necessary to test the solution with potential customers in real use situations in order to develop and adapt the solution to market demands and needs.

The Market Development Fund supports the final development of innovative prototypes through testing and adaptation with potential clients. During the testing phase, user feedback and other relevant data are systematically collected to ensure the technical performance of the prototype. In the next step, the enterprises carry out the final development and adaptation of the product.